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23 Jul 24
  • I have don't mind saying, Lord of Ashes has been a slog. Lots of research. Lots of immersion in the fatigue, the stress and the effects that a siege puts a person through. Hard to get in the right headspace, especially when the kids have been out of school. I am going to be very glad when the draft is done, and may need some time off before getting heavy into the edits and pre-release work. Thanks for waiting, and I promise to deliver the best work I can. Until then, I've had to take a step back from comics and blogging.
  • In other news, I am excited to announce new cover art for Exile's Road, by the talented artist Allan Miguel Salcedo Dampil. Look for this cover later in the year, about the same time that Lord of Ashes is released.
  • Exile's Road 2
  • Exile's Road front cover
    Unification War vol 1: Exile's Road
    status:New Release
    Exile's Road is book #1 of the Unification War, and the debut novel in the world of Oriminthia. It follows the story of Lenalia, a young elven mage who is unjustly exiled from her Kingdom. It is a tale of high fantasy, political intrigue, war, betrayal, romance and gods. Now available in paperback and digital editions.
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